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        1. Hydrostor


          Advanced compressed air energy storage


          Hydrostor is the world’s leading developer of Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES)
          projects, enabling the transition to a cleaner, more affordable and more flexible electricity grid.


          Using only water and pressurized air, A-CAES integrates proven technologies and construction approaches in innovative ways to produce a superior long-duration grid-scale energy storage solution.

          Why A-CAES?

          A-CAES is a long-duration, non-emitting, cost-effective energy storage solution that can be flexibly sited at locations of high grid need to deliver hundreds of megawatts and 4 to 24+ hours of storage.


          Hydrostor has variety of projects in operation or under development, as well as a pipeline of large-scale A-CAES projects representing over 6 GW and 65+ GWh of deployment potential in the USA, Canada, Chile and Australia, with significant global project potential across many other markets.

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